The Scarlet Letter Review

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was a nice book to read. I would highly suggest it to anybody. It did not become my favorite book, however, but who can beat the Lord of the Rings? I was disappointed, however, that Nathaniel Hawthorne made Chillingworth the “bad guy.” I thought that he should have made us feel sorry for him since his dreams of being welcomed by a beautiful, loving wife and a nice home were crushed. I do however feel like Roger Chillingworth deserved a little of what he received since he sent Hester into this wilderness alone to make him a home. That is just my opinion. I am glad that Nathaniel Hawthorne made Arthur Dimmesdale a wimp. I also enjoyed how he described Pearl when she was walking in the forest. I hope that this review will make you want to read The Scarlet Letter! If you already have read it, please comment on how you liked it and your advise on what might have made it better. Have a great day!

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