The Love that changed everything. 

Now I think that most of us, when we see the word “love” we think of the romantic kind of love. Today I want to walk about a different kind of love.   Where does all of this love come from? Why does it seem like we cant live without it? Why does it hurt so much when I don’t have it? This is the love that we have for the people around us, our family, and our friends. This love is no necessary for us just to carry on with our day! Why is that? It’s just an emotion isn’t it? But when my friend or siblings send me a loving text or phone call, why do I feel the “It’s ok now” feeling? There is a reason for this. We have someone who is out there who is constantly telling us “I LOVE YOU” “when your heart is feeling like it is about to break I know how you feel and I cry for you”  “when you are all by yourself and crying your eyes out, thinking ‘how could I ever be happy again’ I am waiting for you to open up to me and let me wipe your tears away.” “I loved you so much that I died for you!” If you were crossing the street and there was a person who jumped infront of a moving car for you, wouldn’t that make you feel that person showing love towards you? Not only did Jesus do that for you, but He let you go to Heaven for eternity if only you will accept His free gift of salvation. We need this love because God has been trying to give it to us from the very beginning. You may be saying how could God allow ______ to happen to me or to someone else if He loves us so much? If a person drinks, and gets into a car accident, was it his grandfathers fault for not taking away the keys from him and telling him “I am going to drive you home.”? God gave Adam and Eve the the freedom of choice. He didn’t want a bunch of little robots walking around. He wanted us to make our own choices. You may say, well what happened to me or somebody else was not by something we did. Well, lets go back to the drunk driver. The other person that he hit had nothing to do with him going to the bar, so why should that person have to pay? That is because when Adam and Eve sinned, it made the world a sinful place. Everybody will get what is due to them at Judgement day. But we should not be sitting in our chair and saying “I can’t wait till this person gets it.” We have sinned and so we have not shown love towards God. Instead of God saying, “I can’t wait till you all burn in Hell for what you did,” He sais, “All you have to do is admit that you have sinned, ask me to forgive you, and you will be in Heaven with me for eternity!” I heard a story once and I think that this will prove what I am trying to say. You are a simple soldier. A powerful man has brought you through the army and provided for you. You two were best friends. One day, however, you break one of the laws that the powerful man had set over the land. The powerful man had set up that law many years ago and stated that the penalty must be death. He tries constantly to try to undo his order, but there is nothing He can do. You must be shot at sunrise. You stand infront of a large hole that is to be your grave. You do not see you friend anywhere, but the people have their guns loaded and ready to fill you with led. A rough voice cries out, “READY, AIM” Suddenly your friend jumps out. His hair is messed up and he has been sweating like a pig from stress. He yells, “HOLD YOUR FIRE!” The people instantly put their guns down and wait for the man to speak. “I will take this man’s punishment.” He grabs you by the shoulders, leads you to safety, goes to where you were standing and yells with a confident sweet voice”READY, AIM, FIRE.” The men slowly grab their guns, pull the trigger and leave your friend in your place. This is exactly what Jesus do for you and me. I hope that you have seen the Love of God waiting for you!  Salvation does not come by works or anything like that. All you have to do is believe that Jesus alone covered your sin so that you could go to heaven. God knows that we are not perfect! As always I am here for you if you want to ask questions or just talk! I hope that this helped someone! 

Here are some verses for you if you want to look them up. 

Romans 3:10

Romans 3:23

Romans 5:12

Romans 5:8

Romans 6:23

Romans 10:9-13

John 3:15-18

Revelation 3:20

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