Sewing a Pillowcase 

Today I will be showing you all how you can make one of these pillowcases! To begin, all you need is a sewing machine (of course :D) a cutting board, scissors, two kinds of (I used cotton) fabric, (an iron), and your normal fabric cutting tools. 

First of all, I got the hotdog process and the measurements from the Conker Cancer, Hot Dog Approach to Sewing a Pillowcase sheet. 

All of the fabric that I used was ordered from Joann fabric and craft store. 

Let’s Get Started! 

First of all, we need to cut the fabric. The flap (mine is white) needs to be 10 1/2 inches by   40 1/2 inches. (I folded the 40 1/2 in half and cut 20 1/4 to make it easier to cut.) Be careful if you do fold it in half that you do not cut where it is folded. 

Next I cut the pillow part (the green monkeys) by 26 1/2 inches by 40 1/2. (Again I did the      40 1/2 in half to 20 1/4 and the 26 1/2 by 13 1/4) I just makes it easier to handle. 

Now we are going to start pinning our things together. With this fist pinning job, we will not need to pin very much because we are going to be taking them out before we start sewing. (You may want to turn on your iron if you are going to do the ironing steps) We are going to put nice sides together with the smaller piece (white) on top of the long side.

Make sure your borders match up. When you get to the end and there is just a little bit (1/4 of an inch) hanging off of one of them, then that is ok. You can fix it if you want to, but we will be sewing that up so nobody will be able to notice. After you have pinned that side we are going to completely flip the project over. 

Now comes the “hot dog” part of the project. We are going to take the opposite side of the project and roll it towards the top. 

You do not roll the smaller piece (my white) up with it. You roll until it is about in the middle of the smaller piece (my white). Make sure you do not roll it all the way. This will make you sew it in and that is going to make it very difficult. 

Now we are going to drape the smaller piece (white) over the rolled piece to where we pinned. 

Now you can use as many pins as you want! I am very nervous about letting myself go free with the sewing machine, so I used quite a few pins. 

Now it is time to sew.

Once you have them pinned you will want to get all set up at the sewing machine. I had about 1/4 inch of material away from my sewing foot, but that is completely up to you. 😉 Again make sure you are not sewing the bundled material. You should have only 3 pieces of material being sewed. 

After you are done sewing then you can begin to undo the “hotdog” You simply pull out the bundled material, and see a nice finish on your flap! 

Optional: I went to the ironing board and ironed this seem down. You can not do this at all, or you could wait till we iron our finished product with all of the seems. 🙂 

Now you are going to put nice sides together again with the flap at the top. 

We will pin all the sides except the completely flap side ( my completely white side). You may want to make sure that where the flap and pillow case (white meets green) line up with eachother if the entire project doesn’t. Sew where you have pinned. (I did the 1/4 inch away from my sewing foot again. 

Optional: I did not want the parts outside of where I had sewn to get completely unraveled, so I did a zig zag stich around the boarder. 

Now you can turn your project to the nice sides out again. I found that when you shake it like a trash bag, the the corners pop out a little easier. 🙂

Optional: I took my pillowcase over to the ironing board and ironed the nice sides to make it look nicer. 

You are finished! 

I hope you liked this project! Please comment on if you liked this project and if you would like more! Feel free to ask questions! I would love to have you as a follower! Have fun pillowmaking! Remember Jesus loves you! 

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