The Scarlet Letter Review

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was a nice book to read. I would highly suggest it to anybody. It did not become my favorite book, however, but who can beat the Lord of the Rings? I was disappointed, however, that Nathaniel Hawthorne made Chillingworth the "bad guy." I thought that he should have made us feel … Continue reading The Scarlet Letter Review


The Love that changed everything. 

Now I think that most of us, when we see the word "love" we think of the romantic kind of love. Today I want to walk about a different kind of love.   Where does all of this love come from? Why does it seem like we cant live without it? Why does it hurt … Continue reading The Love that changed everything. 


Thank you so much for coming to my blog!  I will post crochet projects, reviews, confidence gainers, and sewing projects. This world that we all live in is always trying to bring us down on ourselves. I am tired of it, and I will do my best to bring each and every one of you to a brighter … Continue reading Hi!